Original underscore in your project can greatly enhance the mood of a scene. By carefully outlining the action or dialog with subtle musical cues, the emotional feelings of the audience are influenced unobtrusively and often unconsciously while the music helps to shape the tone of the project. Click the images below for examples of underscore composition that I've made for clients and partners.

SONGwriting & Theme songs

Songs and lyrics can convey emotions effectively and eloquently. Just like singing nursery rhymes, when children sing along to a favorite song they are learning and practicing language. Theme music can powerfully transport your audience into the world in which they are entering. Click below for examples of songs and themes that I've written and produced for clients and partners.


Sound design can enhance the realism of a project, provide auditory clues about locations and surroundings, and even add comedy when it is appropriate. Click below for examples of sound design that I've created for clients and partners.

Podcast Audio


Podcast production is a quickly growing sector of the entertainment and information ecosystem. I'm experienced in all aspects of podcast production ("soup-to-nuts") including writing, casting, contracting, script preparation, VO & interview recording, voice editing, sound design, scoring/music supervising, and mixing/mastering.  Click below for examples of podcast audio that I've created for clients and partners.

Interactive Audio & Game Audio Implementation

The implementation of audio for games and interactive media is an intricate and delicate art. I have extensive experience implementing audio to mobile Flash based media and games, as well as the Unity platform and WWise. Interactive samples are difficult to host on Squarespace so contact me here for more information and to discuss your project.

Voice-OVER Casting & Contracting

Looking for the perfect adult or child voice-actor for your project? I work with top talent agencies and my own network of theatrical professionals to provide the best adult and child voice-actors for any speaking roles. Contact me here to discuss voice casting and for examples of voices that I've found for clients.

Recording Studio & Audio Production


I am the owner and operator of The Playground Studio, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. We record music, voice-over, foley, and work on all sorts of post-production audio here. Many famous and talented artists have visited The Playground since we first opened in the summer of 2008. Click here for photos and more information about The Playground Studio.

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