About Me


I think I am one of the most lucky people on this planet. I absolutely love to create something from nothing and to ensure that my output is of the highest quality. As Confucius said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

I've focused my practice in children's media on a variety of outlets including TV, podcasts, and mobile apps & games with a specialization in sound for animation. I have years of experience producing audio and music, as well as an undergraduate audio production degree from USC (The University of Southern California - BS Recording Arts) and a Master's degree from NYU (New York University - MM Music Composition).

Sound is essential to human interconnectivity. I study how audio, music, and the human voice are being used in media communications and User Experience (UX) technologies. Recently I’ve been experimenting with immersive audio in VR and AR applications for the Google Cardboard platform. Now that so many people have multimedia players in their pockets, I wonder how the future will sound.

Contact me to discuss your project. References, testimonials, and resumé are available on request.

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